LSA Transfer Guide for
Delta College

This transfer guide was developed to promote a smooth curriculum transition for students who want to earn an associate degree from Delta College and transfer to the University of Michigan to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. This transfer guide is designed to minimize the loss of credit and duplication of coursework in transferring. This course guide is subject to change. For the most recent information available on transfer credit, please check the course equivalencies for Delta College at


Delta College   University of Michigan
Writing Requirement – 4 credits
Quantitative Reasoning – 3 credits
MTH 208 Elementary Statistics   STATS*
PHY 111 General Physics I   PHYS 125 & 127
PHY 112 General Physics II   PHYS 126 & 128
PHY 211 Physics I   PHYS 140 & 141
PHY 212 Physics II   PHYS 240 & 241
Language Requirement – up to 16 credits
ASL 212 American Sign Language IV   LING 251
FR 212 French Four   FRENCH 232
GE 212 German Four   GERMAN 232
SPA 212 Spanish Four   SPANISH 232
Area Distribution – 30 credits
Natural Science:
BIO 111 Principles of Biology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 117 Birds of Michigan   BIOLOGY*
BIO 118 Michigan Wildflowers   BIOLOGY*
BIO 119 Stream Ecology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 123 Survey of Michigan Plant Communities   BIOLOGY*
BIO 152 Human Anatomy & Physiology I   BIOLOGY*
BIO 153 Human Anatomy & Physiology II   BIOLOGY*
BIO 171 Integrated General Biology I   BIOLOGY*
BIO 172 Integrated General Biology II   BIOLOGY*
BIO 199 Human Heredity and Sexuality   BIOLOGY*
BIO 203 General Microbiology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 230 Physical Anthropology and Archeology   ANTHRBIO*
CHM 111 General and Inorganic Chemistry I   CHEM 130 (3), CHEM*
CHM 112 General and Inorganic Chemistry II   CHEM*
CHM 210 Organic Chemistry I   CHEM 210
CHM 210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory   CHEM 211
CHM 220 Organic Chemistry II   CHEM 215 (3),CHEM*
CHM 220L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory   CHEM 216
GEO 111 Physical Geography   GEOG 201
GLG 102 Volcanoes and Earthquakes   EARTH 107
GLG 111 Physical Geology   EARTH*
GLG 112 Evolution of the Earth   EARTH*
GLG 115 Introduction to Oceanography   EARTH 222
GLG 125 Geology of the National Parks   EARTH 120
GLG 262 Geology of the Canadian Shield   EARTH*
GLG 266 Geology of the Grand Canyon   EARTH*
GLG 267 Geology of Northern Lower Michigan   EARTH*
PHY 111 General Physics I   PHYS 125 & 127
PHY 112 General Physics II   PHYS 126 & 128
PHY 211 Physics I   PHYS 140 & 141
PHY 212 Physics II   PHYS 240 & 241
SOC 230 Physical Anthropology and Archeology   ANTHRBIO 161
Social Science:
ECN 221 Principles of Economics I   ECON 102
ECN 222 Principles of Economics II   ECON 101
HIS 111 A Survey of Later Western Civilization   HISTORY*
HIS 112 A Survey of Later Western Civilization   HISTORY*
HIS 221 Early American History   HISTORY*
HIS 222 Recent American History   HISTORY*
HIS 275 The Vietnam War   HISTORY*
POL 103 American Government   POLSCI 111
POL 212 State and Local Governments   POLSCI*
POL 220 Minorrity Group Politicccs   POLSCI*
POL 221 Comparative Government   POLSCI 140
POL 222 Politics of the Middle East   POLSCI*
POL 225 International Relations   POLSCI 160
PSY 211 General Psychology   PSYCH 111
PSY 223 Child Psychology   PSYCH*
PSY 231 Theories of Personality   PSYCH 290
PSY 241 Abnormal Psychology   PSYCH 270
SOC 211 Principles of Sociology   SOC 100
SOC 215 Sociology of Minority Groups   SOC*
SOC 216 The Black Experience   SOC*
SOC 221 Marriage and Family   SOC*
SOC 231 Cultural Anthropology   ANTHRCUL 101
ART 151 Art History and Appreciation I   HISTART 101
ART 152 Art History and Appreciation II   HISTART 102
ART 255 Contemporary Art History   HISTART*
IHU 101 Humanities Through the Arts   INTERHUM
IHU 201H Honors Colloquy   INTERHUM
IHU 202 Women's Studies   WOMENSTD 240
IHU 282H Seminar in Social Issues   INTERHUM
LIT 201 Honors Colloquy   INTERHUM
LIT 220 Readings in Poetry   ENGLISH 240
LIT 221 Reading in the Short Story   ENGLISH 230
LIT 222 Readings in the Novel   ENGLISH 230
LIT 223 Readings in Drama   ENGLISH 245
LIT 228 Masterpieces of World Literature Beginnings through 150s   GTBOOKS*
LIT 229 Masterpieces of World Literature 1600s to the Present   GTBOOKS*
LIT 241 Introduction to Mythology   CLCIV 385
LIT 242 Introduction to British Literature   ENGLISH*
LIT 245 Biblical Literature: Old Testament   ENGLISH*
LIT 246 Biblical Literature: New Testament   ENGLISH*
LIT 269 Native North American Literature   ENGLISH 382
LIT 271 American Literature to 1865   ENGLISH 270
LIT 272 American Literature Since 1865   ENGLISH 270
LIT 285 Women in Literature   ENGLISH 315
PHL 211 Introduction to Philosophy   PHIL 232
PHL 213 Introduction to Ethics   PHIL*
PHL 214 Philosophy of Religion   PHIL*
SPH 215 Intro to Theatre   THTREMUS 211
Creative Expression:
ART 115 Design I   ARTDES*
ART 116 Design II   ARTDES*
ART 210 Figure Drawing   ARTDES*
ENG 253 Creative Writing: Poetry   ENGLISH*
ENG 254 Creative Writing: Fiction   ENGLISH*
MUS 171 Applied Music Courses   MUSPERF*
Mathematical and Symbolic Analysis:
MTH 121 Plane Trigonometry   MATH 105
MTH 161 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I   MATH 115
MTH 162 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II   MATH 116
MTH 208 Elementary Statistics   STATS*
MTH 261 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III   MATH 215
MTH 264 Intro. To Ordinary Differential Equations   MATH 216
Departmental Credit
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I   ACC*
ACC 212 Principles of Accounting II   ACC*
ART 105 Art Experience   ARTDES*
ART 113 Art Education I   EDUC 427
ART 114 Art Education II   EDUC 427
ART 251 History of Architecture   HISTART*
ART 271 Digital Imaging I   ARTDES*
ART 280 Printmaking I, Past & Present   ARTDES*
ART 283 Multimedia Authoring   ARTDES*
ART 289 New Media   ARTDES*
ASL 111 American Sign Language I   LING 150
ASL 112 American Sign Language II   LING 151
ASL 211 American Sign Language III   LING 250
AST 111 Intro. Astronomy   ASTRO*
BIO 101 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 110 Environmental Science   ENVIRON*
BIO 113 Trees and Shrubs of Michigan   BIOLOGY*
BIO 114 Animal Behavior-the Wolf   BIOLOGY*
BIO 116 Winter Ecology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 126 Ecology and Natural History of Isle Royale National Park   BIOLOGY*
BIO 130 Introduction Chemistry and Cell Biology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 140 Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 219 Stream Ecology: Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Research   BIOLOGY*
BIO 240 Human Anatomy   BIOLOGY*
BIO 241 Physiology   PHYSIOL 201
BIO 268 International Studies in Biology   BIOLOGY*
BIO 274 Introduction to Biotechnology   BIOLOGY*
CHM 101 General Chemistry I   CHEM*
CHM 221 Organic Biochemistry   CHEM*
CHM 230 Chemical Analysis/Instrumentation   CHEM*
CHM 231 Troubleshooting for Analytical Instrumentation   CHEM*
CHM 290 Special Projects in Chemistry   CHEM*
DRF 256 Descriptive Geometry   ENGR*
ECN 268 International Studies in Economics   ECON DEPT
ED 200A Education Courses   EDUC*
ED 290 Special Projects in Education   EDUC*
EGR 165 Introduction to Engineering Graphics   ENGR*
EGR 166 Engineering Graphics   ENGR*
EGR 215 Engineering Mechanics: Statics   ENGR*
EGR 216 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics   ENGR*
EGR 221 Engineering Materials   ENGR*
ENG 111 College Composition I   ENGCMPTC*
ENG 111A Writing Methods/College Composition I   ENGCMPTC*
ENG 112 College Composition II   ENGLISH 125
ENG 115 Mass Media   COMM*
ENG 116 News Writing   JOURN*
ENG 211 Advanced Composition   ENGCMPTC*
ENG 217 Advanced Reporting   JOURN*
ENG 218 News Editing   JOURN*
FR 111 French One   FRENCH 101
FR 112 French Two   FRENCH 102
FR 211 French Three   FRENCH 231
GE 111 German One   GERMAN 101
GE 112 German Two   GERMAN 102
GE 211 German Three   GERMAN 231
GEO 103 Introduction to Meteorology   GEOG*
GLG 117 Introduction to Dinosaurs   EARTH*
GLG 118 Gelolgy and Dinosaurs   EARTH*
GLG 119 Introduction to Field Paleontology   EARTH*
GLG 122 Geology of Michigan   EARTH 411
GLG 123 Geology of the Great Lakes Area   EARTH*
GLG 130 Environmental Geology   EARTH*
GLG 230 Introductory Field Methods in Hydrogeology   EARTH*
GLG 268 International Studies in Geosciogy   EARTH*
GLG 290 Special Projects in Geosciogy   EARTH*
HIS 204 American Business History   HISTORY*
HIS 205 American Business History/With Project   HISTORY*
HIS 214 Early African-American History Pre-Europ.Africa   HISTORY*
HIS 215 Recent African-American History:1850   HISTORY*
HIS 217 Hispanics in the US   HISTORY*
HIS 236 History of Michigan   HISTORY*
HIS 237 History of Michigan/With Projects   HISTORY*
HIS 268 International Studies in History   HISTORY*
HIS 290 Special Projects in History   HISTORY*
LIT 219 Literary Analysis   ENGLISH*
LIT 224 Literary Festival   ENGLISH*
LIT 226 Introduction to Film   ENGLISH 411
LIT 227 The American Motion Picture   ENGLISH*
LIT 251 Children's Literature   EDUC*
LIT 252 Young Adult Literature   EDUC*
LIT 253 Literature for Preschool Children   EDUC*
LIT 260 Literature and History of the Holocaust   ENGLISH*
LIT 268 International Studies in Literature   ENGLISH*
LIT 274 Mexican-American Literature   ENGLISH*
LIT 276 Contemporary American Fiction (1945 to present)   ENGLISH*
LIT 277 Early African-American Literature   CAAS*
LIT 278 Modern African-American Literature   CAAS 476
LIT 283 Literature of Mysticism   ENGLISH*
MGT 251 Business Law I   LHC*
MGT 252 Business Law II   LHC*
MTH 115 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I   MATH 385
MTH 116 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II   MATH 385
MTH 120 Finite Mathematics   MATH*
MTH 151 Pre-Calculus Mathematics   MATH 110
MTH 153 Algebra for Calculus   MATH*
MTH 160 Calculus for the Social and Managerial Sciences   MATH*
MTH 260 Discrete Mathematics   MATH*
MTH 263 Introduction to Linear Algebra   MATH*
MUS 100 Elements of Music   EDUC D408
MUS 111 Music Appreciation I   MUSICOL 121
MUS 112 Music Appreciation II   MUSICOL*
MUS 116 Jazz History: Origins to the Present   MUSICOL*
PHL 215 Health Care Ethics   PHIL*
PHL 221 Critical Thinking and Logic   PHIL 201
PHL 230 Bioethics for Nursing   PHIL*
PHY 213 Physics of Special Relativity   PHYSICS*
POL 228 Constitutional Issues thru Special Projects   POLSCI*
PSC 101 Physical Science   INTERNS*
PSY 230 Psychology of Substance Abuse   PSYCH*
PSY 255 Psychology of Depression   PSYCH*
PSY 290 Special Projects in Psychology   PSYCH*
RUS 111 Russian One   RUSSIAN 101
RUS 290 Special Projects in Russian   RUSSIAN*
SOC 212 Social Problems   SOC*
SOC 233 Archaeology Field Methods   ANTHRARC*
SOC 265 Third World Development   SOC*
SOC 268 International Studies in Sociology   SOC*
SOC 279 Intro to Social Behavioral Science Research   SOC*
SOC 281 An Introduction of SPSS   SOC*
SOC 282 Seminar in Social Issues   SOC*
SOC 290 Special Project in Sociology   SOC*
SPA 101 Hispanic Civilization   SPANISH*
SPA 111 Spanish One   SPANISH 101
SPA 112 Spanish Two   SPANISH 102
SPA 211 Spanish Three   SPANISH 231
SPH 112 Fundamentals of Oral Communications   SPEECH*
SPH 114 Interpersonal Communications   SPEECH*
SPH 224 Nonverbal Communication   SPEECH*
SPH 290 Special Projects in Speech   SPEECH*
*For the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts the final approval of departmental credit for distribution must be made by an LSA counselor. The designations stated here give a likely approximation of what will be approved.